Coronary Artery Disease Reno NV

Coronary Artery Disease

Since we’re all about veins and the vascular network that runs through our bodies, this month let’s get serious about coronary artery disease, colloquially known as heart disease. Here are some facts and risk factors. In the U.S. heart disease is responsible for 1 in every 4 deaths, around 610,000 people annually. Heart disease is […]

Laser Ablation Reno NV

Giving Varicose Veins the Laser Treatment

Varicose veins are an unwelcome addition to anyone’s legs. Their raised appearance and usual blue or purple color are hard to miss. Plus, they can be painful. At Nevada Vein and Vascular, we offer various methods for removing varicose veins, including laser ablation. What is laser ablation? While the name sounds somewhat intense, the procedure […]

Carotid Endarterectomy Reno NV

When Your Arteries Harden

In Reno, and across America, we don’t follow the best advice for what we eat and how much we exercise. The result is atherosclerosis, also known as hardening of the arteries. When the arteries in question are the ones carrying blood to the heart, this is known as coronary artery disease, and that would be […]

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Reno NV

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

When you have peripheral arterial disease your arteries in your legs have either become narrower or are completely blocked. You’ll know if this is happening when you cramp or ache in your buttocks, calves, or thighs when walking or climbing stairs. This isn’t something to take lightly. When you have peripheral arterial disease (PAD), it’s […]

Vein Removal Reno NV

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

What happens when you have a varicose vein near the surface of the skin that is too large to treat with sclerotherapy but too small to treat with laser ablation? Microphlebectomy happens, and the vein goes away. Also known as ambulatory phlebectomy or stab phlebectomy (both of which make the procedure sound kind of scary […]

Vascular Services Reno, NV

What’s the Deal with Compression Stockings?

At Nevada Vein and Vascular, most of our procedures are followed by the patient wearing compression stockings for a period of time afterward. Since most people have never worn compression stockings, they wonder what’s up with this leg-squeezing hosiery? Here’s some info on compression stockings and why we love them. How compression stockings work Medical-grade […]

VeinGogh Reno NV

VeinGogh Paints a Better Picture of Ugly Spider Veins

Spider veins are just one of many unfortunate realities of aging. These little networks of red, blue, or purple veins are visible on the surface of the legs. They can be due to simple aging, genetics, and your occupation. In the past, we’ve used sclerotherapy at Nevada Vein and Vascular to remove spider veins. This […]

Arterial Disease Reno NV

Lower Extremity Arterial Disease

When a narrowing or blockage of the arteries decreases blood flow into the legs, this is known as lower extremity arterial disease. At Nevada Vein and Vascular, we have various treatments to remove the blockage and return proper blood flow to your legs. What is lower extremity arterial disease? Arterial disease, no matter where it […]

How to Keep the Blood Flowing

It’s something we don’t even think about — the blood coursing through our arteries and veins. Good circulation allows our tissues to get the nutrients they need and discard waste. Good circulation can prevent problems such as varicose veins and thrombosis. You may think there’s little you can do to help your circulatory system do […]

Carotid Artery Surgery Reno NV

Clearing Plaque Buildup

When one of our patients is found to have up to 70 percent blockage inside their carotid artery, we may perform a carotid endarterectomy to restore normal blood flow. This procedure is usually recommended after a patient has suffered a transient ischemic attack or stroke. What causes the buildup? When a person has carotid artery […]

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