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Make Use of Our Non-Invasive Vascular Lab

What Is A Non-Invasive Vascular Lab? When patients hear the term, “lab” they frequently think of a place where blood is drawn and perhaps, a place where painful tests are done. A ‘vascular lab” or “non-invasive lab” is a bit different. It is a place where specialized vascular ultrasound exams are performed to diagnose a […]

Venous Insufficiency | Reno, NV

What is Chronic Venous Insufficiency?

Your veins are the highways delivering de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. There are one-way highways with valves to prevent backflow. In the legs, the veins have to fight an uphill battle the entire way. The muscles in your feet and calves help out by contracting with every step you take, helping to push the […]

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Don’t Invite Your Spider Veins to the New Year’s Party

Most of us live in Reno and the surrounding areas because of all the outdoor fun that is so close at hand. Hiking, biking, golfing, camping, swimming up at Tahoe. It seems we’re always in shorts, a sundress, or a swimsuit. Winter is no different, with trips up to Incline Village or Alpine Meadows, just […]

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What’s the Deal with Compression Stockings?

At Nevada Vein and Vascular, most of our procedures are followed by the patient wearing compression stockings for a period of time afterward. Since most people have never worn compression stockings, they wonder what’s up with this leg-squeezing hosiery? Here’s some info on compression stockings and why we love them. How compression stockings work Medical-grade […]

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Dealing with Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Your veins are responsible for taking de-oxygenated blood and returning it to the heart and lungs. They are meant to be one-way highways, but it becomes harder when those highways are fighting gravity the entire way, such as in the legs. To keep the blood moving, the body employs the muscles in your feet and […]

Veinous Services Reno NV

Treating Your Varicose Veins

In Reno, we don’t have to deal with many moles. It’s not like in the Midwest, where moles can make a system of raised paths across your lawn. But in Reno (and everywhere else, for that matter), we have to deal with varicose veins, and they leave much the same telltale signs. But they leave […]

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