Giving Varicose Veins the Laser Treatment

Laser Ablation Reno NVVaricose veins are an unwelcome addition to anyone’s legs. Their raised appearance and usual blue or purple color are hard to miss. Plus, they can be painful.

At Nevada Vein and Vascular, we offer various methods for removing varicose veins, including laser ablation.

What is laser ablation?

While the name sounds somewhat intense, the procedure isn’t difficult. The basis of the procedure is that laser energy is delivered into the inside of the varicose vein. The laser light energy converts to heat when inside the vein, and this heat energy damages the walls of the vein. This causes the walls to collapse, closing off the vein. Without hesitation, the body instantly reroutes any blood that was running through the vein to an adjacent, healthier vein. With the vein now unused, the body begins the process of scavenging it, fully removing it in a matter of weeks. But the veins are instantly made far less noticeable, and their appearance continues to diminish over the next weeks. Laser ablation at Nevada Vein and Vascular takes just 20-30 minutes per leg.

Laser Ablation vs Vein Stripping

Before this technology was fine tuned and made available to practices such as Nevada Vein and Vascular, the primary method for removing varicose veins was to use a procedure known as “vein stripping.” Vein stripping is an invasive procedure where an incision is made above the varicose vein and the vein is then surgically removed. Vein stripping required a fairly involved recovery period and some time off work.

In contrast, following laser ablation of your varicose vein, patients can return to normal activities immediately. The only things to avoid are prolonged periods of sitting or plane flight for 3-4 weeks. Patients wear compression hose to help prevent the formation of blood clots and to help the body start the process of absorbing the vein.

Laser Ablation Results

Most veins treated with laser ablation are effectively invisible, even to ultrasound, 12 months after the procedure. There isn’t any scarring with this procedure, and there is little, if any, discomfort. The treated vein will not return. Of course, you can still develop other varicose veins.

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