Winter’s a Great Time to Say Goodbye to the Spiders

Spider Veins & Sclerotherapy Reno NVIn Reno and its beautiful surroundings, there is no shortage of outside options in the spring, summer, and fall. And no one wants to put on a pair of shorts with a bunch of purples, red, and blue squiggly lines running around on their legs. Spider veins! They’re an unfortunate part of aging.

But at Nevada Vein and Vascular, we can tell those unwanted veins to hit the road with sclerotherapy. That way, during the winter months when your legs are covered, your veins can diminish and then disappear. By spring, you’ll be ready to put on your hiking boots or golf shoes and head outside.

Why do I have spider veins?

Veins are the pathways for the blood to return to the heart, and much of the time they have a real fight with gravity. This is especially true in the legs, where the blood needs to go directly up the leg. When we’re young, our tissues are strong, and they help the veins push the blood upward toward the heart and lungs. As we age, the strength of the support tissues and even of the veins themselves can diminish. This can cause the blood to back up and pool in spots. This shows itself in spider and varicose veins. Because spider veins are just below the surface of the skin, they are very visible.

How do Drs. Albright and Dixon get rid of them?

Sclerotherapy is not a new procedure; it’s simply still the best way to get rid of spider veins. The process was first used in the 1930s to make unwanted veins close up and go away. You may have heard of using laser energy to remove spider veins. But in our experience, we believe sclerotherapy is the more effective option.

In sclerotherapy, we inject a special saline solution directly into the vein in question. This solution irritates the vein (much like that uncle from Elko who visits every year during the holidays irritates you!) and causes the walls to shrink up and the vein to close off. Over the next two to three months, the body gradually absorbs the unused vein, making it disappear or become dramatically less visible. Any blood that ran through the vein is routed to an adjacent vein.

What happens afterward?

After your treatment, we put you in compression stockings that you’ll wear for two weeks during your waking hours. This compression improves your results, so most veins need only one injection to disappear.

Winter is the time to get rid of your spider veins. Call us at Nevada Vein and Vascular, 775-323-3000, and ask about sclerotherapy.

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