VeinGogh Reno NVAre you one of millions who suffer from embarrassing spider veins? Well, there is an effective, dependable treatment for your condition – VienGogh.

Telangiectasia, commonly called spider veins, are a very common problem that develop from a range of factors including age, heredity, lifestyle and diet. These unsightly blemishes can appear on several visible areas on your lower limb. VeinGogh is among the newest technology available for treating these benign vascular abnormalities.

How does VeinGogh work?

The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System generates a tiny, regulated, high frequency current delivered to the vessel via a hair-thin probe. A “microburst” of energy heats the vein, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vessel wall, which then absorbs into the body. VeinGogh works on spider veins up to 0.3 mm. This process will not treat feeder vessels or larger vessels deep beneath the surface.

VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System: for the treatment of fine telangiectasia or spider veins:

  • Treats any skin type
  • Usually only a single treatment required
  • Resume normal actives right after treatment
  • Minimal pain – similar to a hair being removed

How long is a typical treatment?

Depending mainly upon the size of the area, treatments can range from about a minute for minor lesions and up to 20-25 minutes for a more extensive condition. Nevada Vein and Vascular will discuss the specifics of timing and size with you during your appointment.

How many treatments Will I Need?VeinGogh Reno NV

Generally only one treatment is necessary. However, depending on the specific condition and new vein development, a follow-up treatment may be necessary. Nevada Vein and Vascular will consider your course of treatment and schedule follow-up visits for you as needed.

When will I see results?

Immediately. You will see continuous improvement over several weeks as the treated vessels are reabsorbed.

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