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Dr. Albright has been practicing vascular surgery in Northern Nevada for decades and prides herself on patient-centered care. We recently added our newest provider Dr. Levin in April of this year. Drs. Albright and Levin are both board-certified in vascular surgery and have become a great team serving our community.There is no “algorithm” for a patient-centered approach, individual treatment for every patient is our goal. At Nevada Vein and Vascular in Reno, Nevada, we want you to be educated about your vascular problems and be able to participate in your care and decisions about your care. Our staff is excited to provide help wherever needed. The vascular system is intriguing and making the best of your arteries and veins is what makes our practice happen.

Our Patient Testimonials

“My husband had a wound on his foot that would not heal for almost two years, he also had pain in his left leg that made it impossible for him to walk further than 10 feet. We went to foot doctors, orthopedic doctors, chiropractors and even a back surgeon before it was discovered that his problem was vascular, atherosclerosis of the lower limb. Because it had taken so long to figure out what the problem was the situation had turned dire. Our local doctor wanted to cut his leg off above the knee but referred us to Dr. Albright for a second opinion. If it were not for her my husband would have lost half his leg. Kudos to Nevada Vein and Vascular” – Kelly D.

“Both Doctors Dixon and Albright are extremely concerned about their patients! Mom is headed to bypass surgery on her leg next Thursday. I am confident that she is going to get the best care she could possibly get!!! And I am extremely grateful for that!!!

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